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It's Time ....

We're so glad you are beginning this journey.

We look forward to being part of it.  

We understand change is hard

Whether you are just beginning to contemplate medication management or you 

have been through them all.

You don't have to do it alone.

We're ready to meet you where you are. 

Filling Prescription

Finding the right treatment

can be challenging

We are committed to helping you find balance between living with mental illness and 

striving for mental wellness.

This takes a provider who is both compassionate & knowledgeable.  Someone who can take time to listen, is willing to hear your experience & specializes in matching your symptoms with treatment options. 

Filling Prescription
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Let Us Partner With You

We work together with you to develop a unique treatment plan to meet your individual needs. 

Our focus is patient centered with provider guidance.  We collaborate with you to create long term solutions so that you can get back to enjoying life. 

Begin Today....

Submit your information below (it's HIPAA compliant). 

We will contact you with your appointment date & time.

Complete your intake forms.

Then, we get started on finding what works! 

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